We are delighted to announce an upcoming multi-part series of postings that relate to the final rules for the definitions of swap dealer, security-based swap dealer, major swap participant, major security-based swap participant, and eligible contract participant. Structurally, this series will consist of 22 postings, organized as follows:

General Topic

Specific Subject Matter of Posting

Swap Dealer / Security-Based Swap Dealer

Part 1: The Swap/SBS Dealer Definition Generally

Part 2: The Exclusion for the Origination of Loans

Part 3: The “Org Chart” & Inter-Affiliate Trades

Part 4: The (Not So) De Minimis Exception

Part 5: Limited Purpose Designation

Part 6: Hedging Physical Positions and Trading Proprietary Funds (Floor Trader)

Major Swap Participant / Major Security-Based Swap Participant

Part 7: The MSP/MSBSP Definition Generally

Part 8: Substantial Position

Part 9: Hedging or Mitigating Commercial Risk

Part 10: Substantial Counterparty Exposure

Part 11: Highly Leveraged – Financial Entities

Part 13: The “Org Chart” & Inter-Affiliate Trades

Part 14: Investment Funds and Advisers

Part 15: (No) Blanket Exclusion for Other Regulated Entities

Part 16: Financing Subsidiaries

Part 17: Timing and Determination

Part 18: Limited Purpose Designation

Part 19: A Focus on Major SBS Participants

Eligible Contract Participant

Part 20: Commodity Pools: Retail Forex

Part 21: Commodity Pools: Assets + Regulation

Part 22: ECP Status and Hedging

So, check back often over the next few weeks, as new postings will appear every few days.

Good day. Good checking back. TSR