You just don’t see this everyday, so we thought that we would point it out to you.

On June 1st, the CFTC filed a Proof of Claim (available here) in the MF Global, Inc. SIPA liquidation. The claim was filed on a "contingent, unliquidated" basis, which essentially means – I may be a creditor someday and, if I am, I want to preserve my rights to take a crack at the apple for what I am owed. Here is the (admittedly more eloquent) explanation from the CFTC’s press release.

The Commission took this action in relation to the Division of Enforcement’s ongoing investigation related to the failure of MF Global, Inc. If that investigation results in an enforcement action against MF Global, Inc., the Commission could pursue a restitution award for the benefit of commodity customers, which in turn could be the basis for a Commission claim as a general creditor against the MF Global, Inc. estate.  The Commission’s claim as a general creditor would not have priority over customer claims.  It has been filed solely to preserve all possible options for recovering funds for the benefit of commodity customers.

Good day. Good "you just don’t see this everyday kind-of-thing". TSR