By Andrew Cross and Tom Watterson

We are asked this question with increasing frequency, so we thought that we would provide the answer in an easy to find location.

We provided the initial list of interest rate swaps that will be subject to the SEF trading mandate in our previous post. However, with each "Made Available to Trade" submission ("MAT Submission") that the CFTC certifies (or is deemed to be certified), additional swaps will become subject to the SEF trading mandate. Since the first MAT submission was certified, additional interest rate swaps and credit default index swaps have been added to the list of swaps that will be subject to the SEF trading mandate.

Fortunately, the CFTC has been providing cumulative charts of the swaps subject to the SEF trading mandate in each press release announcing the certification of another MAT Submission. The most recent press release (as of the of this posting) is available here and you can find any new CFTC press releases here.

Of course, the start dates for the SEF trading mandate will vary slightly by the type of swap, but the first interest rate swaps will be required to be traded on a SEF beginning on February 15 (note that this is a Saturday).

Good day. Good trading. TSR