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FT Alphaville Article on CDS Index Options

Financial Times blogger Tracy Alloway quoted Andrew Cross, editor-in-chief of TSR, in a recent posting entitled, "CDS Options Market Multiplies Alongside Questions" – it is a good read, if you are interested in CDS index options. Who wouldn’t be??? Good day. Good reading. TSR… Continue Reading

CFTC and SEC to hold Joint Roundtable on Clearing of CDS

WHAT: CFTC-SEC Joint Roundtable on Clearing of Credit Default Swaps. Topics  to be discussed: 1) Products and Processing,  including reporting to swap data repositories 2) Clearing Initiatives, including effect of clearing mandates BENEFIT OF PARTICIPATING: Good "level setting" course on current state of CDS markets and expected effect of Dodd-Frank on those markets WHO MAY BE INTERESTED IN … Continue Reading