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Breaking: ISDA Announces Credit Event for Argentina

Breaking–ISDA just announced that its Determination Committee decided that a "failure to pay" Credit Event has occurred with respect to the Argentine Republic. The date of the Credit Event is July 30, 2014. The ISDA Press Release can be found here, and the Determination Committee Decision can be found here. The Swap Report… Continue Reading

Commissioner Scott O’Malia to Become CEO of ISDA – Will ISDA Increase its Focus on the Energy Industry, Commercial Market Participants and Physical Commodity Markets?

Following the CFTC announcement that Commissioner Scott O'Malia has resigned his position effective August 8th, ISDA has now announced that O'Malia will become its CEO effective August 18th. O'Malia's leadership of ISDA could be a particularly important development for those in the energy industry and other commercial market participants, including "end-users."… Continue Reading

6 Months Later, Lenders Continue to Address ECP Issues

Thanks to author Abbey Mansfield, who originally posted the piece at The Lending Law Report on October 10th.  In the posting, Abbey discusses ECP qualification and market trends from the perspective of a lending lawyer.  The full posting is available here. Good day.  Good posting – thanks Abbey. TSR  … Continue Reading